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After School Programs

Project Kidz Connect

Our mission is to provide a safe environment that encourages students to achieve their learning goals, helps them develop healthy lifestyles, and enriches their understanding of their world and community.

Our Program

Our curriculum includes academics, arts, nutrition, recreation, and character education. We promote diverse learning experiences designed to maximize each student’s potential.  We constantly look for more ways to support the skills students learn during the regular day, as well as enrich their understanding by introducing them to new experiences.  We have various programs to help us with this task:

Kidz Lit is a reading enrichment program designed specifically for use in out-of-school settings. It increases young people’s motivation to read and builds their literacy skills. At the same time, it develops core values of helpfulness, fairness, personal responsibility, and respect for others.

SRA Math Labs are an organized, easy approach to boosting students' math skills.  It allows students to learn independently at their own pace.  Self-directed Exercise Cards let our aides manage an entire classroom of students at different levels.  This program can supplement any math program by reinforcing basic concepts and skills.  Students receive immediate feedback on their progress so problem areas are easily identified.  It also provides essential practice of math skills so students can succeed on standardized tests.

Catch PE gives kids the opportunity to develop the skills and the appreciation for healthy activity. With CATCH PE, everyone participates. The emphasis is on fun and lots of activity.  It builds movement skills, sports skills, and physical fitness, not to mention the fun necessary to help kids want to move.

This is not a drop-in program. Students must attend Monday through Friday for at least 3 hours/day.

NMUSD After-School Programs Website

Our Partnerships

Girls, Inc.
Network for a Healthy California
Total Golf Adventures

UCI Department of Education
Vanguard University
What Ever It Takes
YMCA- Youth Achievers

City of Costa Mesa ROCKS Program

Recreation on Campus for Kids (R.O.C.K.S.) after-school program is a fee-based program at Victoria Elementary. The R.O.C.K.S. program provides supervision by City of Costa Mesa Recreation staff on the school’s playground Monday through Friday from the time school is dismissed until 6 p.m. for children grades kindergarten through 6th. The program is open during the school year and is closed during all school holidays, in-service days and vacation breaks.


A registration form must be completed for each participant where there is payment options per Session, Tri-Installment, and Yearly.  Registration and payment of fees can be made at the Costa Mesa City Hall, the Downtown Recreation Center, the Neighborhood Community Center, or register online. The Victoria office will NOT be accepting registration forms or payments.


For more information, contact the R.O.C.K.S. Program Director at (714) 754-5013.